The Values Inspired Leader

This one-day Advanced Leader Development workshop is aimed at creating outstanding Leaders who excel in leading high performing teams that achieve incredible results by identifying and applying the Values, Principles and Practices that define the highest standards of organisational leadership.

Designed for those organisations where it is important for their leaders to:

  • Display integrity, purpose and excellence in delivery;
  • Build strong, outcome-focused teams;
  • Achieve outstanding strategic outcomes to the benefit of all stakeholders;
  • Be visionary and an influencer of change;
  • Be the leader of people who are driven by excellence and their sense-of-purpose; and
  • Be the leader others aspire to be.
By the end of this workshop attendees will understand the 10 Lessons in being a Values Inspired Leader:
  • Lesson 1 – The two types of respect;
  • Lesson 2 – How leaders gain respect;
  • Lesson 3 – The trust a leader must have;
  • Lesson 4 – What a leader looks for and encourages in people;
  • Lesson 5 – How a leader builds great teams;
  • Lesson 6 – How a leader serves the team;
  • Lesson 7 – Where a leader should be when leading;
  • Lesson 8 – An important, overlooked, aspect of leadership;
  • Lesson 9 – The loneliness of leadership;
  • Lesson 10 – The leader’s view of the vision.

Leaders Inspire With Integrity

A Values Inspired Leader is one who looks at the values that guide their leadership decisions. They incorporate those values into every aspect of their business and look for those values and build them in the people they employ. They take the Vision of an organisation to heart, deliver a Mission based on results and underpin them both with Values that are based on integrity. The Values Inspired Leader knows it is what they do and how they do it that will earn them the real respect of their team.