Strategic Evaluation for Individual Development and Team Success

This two-day advanced Leader Development workshop is aimed at providing leaders with the knowledge and processes required to conduct team feedback that promotes and encourages individual and team performance development in order to maximise operational outcomes that align with the organisation’s Strategic Goals.

Designed for those organisations where it is important for their leaders to:

  • Provide individual team members with realistic and meaningful development opportunities;
  • Excel in delivering exceptional strategic and operational outcomes to all stakeholders;
  • Analyse project outcomes in order to determine the factors for success or non-performances;
  • Value individual and team capabilities that deliver on excellence every time; and
  • Implement a process of individual, team and departmental continuous improvement.

By the end of this workshop attendees will:

  • Understand how to create a strategic focused feedback and evaluation process;
  • Understand how to identify individual capability;
  • Understand why people dislike feedback and evaluation and how to turn that around;
  • Be able to identify bias and other factors that may affect feedback and evaluations;
  • How to implement a successful, long-term strategic-focused continuous improvement process that maximises stakeholder returns and individual growth.

Leaders Champion Opportunities For Growth That Lead To Results

A Leader champions the shared values, the ingrained attitudes, core beliefs and organisational traditions that underlie the accepted norms of behaviour, work practices and operational imperatives that lead to strategic and operational success. They lead their team on a journey of positive continuous improvement where everyone constantly strives to achieve the very best they can in order to achieve that success.