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Mastering Leadership For The Future

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Results Based Decision Making For Leaders

This flagship two-day Leadership Development workshop aims to enhance the ability of leaders at all levels of an organisation to achieve outstanding outcomes by making the right decisions, at the right time and for the right reasons.

Operational Leadership For Strategic Success

This two-day Advanced Leadership Development workshop is aimed at enhancing the ability of current and future leaders to focus on the day-to-day deliverables that affect the long-term strategic performance of their organisation by implementing proven operational strategies, tactics, values, principles and processes that will define their organisation’s success.

The Values Inspired Leader

This one-day Leader Development workshop is aimed at creating outstanding Leaders who excel in leading high-performing teams that achieve incredible results by identifying and applying the Values, Principles and Practices that define the highest standards of organisational leadership.

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Leader, Leadership and Operational Development Leader and Individual Coaching Strategic Organisational Development

The Entrepreneurial Leader: Creating The Future Of Your Organisation

This one-day advanced Leader Development workshop is aimed at providing leaders with an understanding of the skills required for taking ideas and concepts to the market that create or enhance the brand and reputation, and increases the profits and return to the shareholders, of the organisation they work for.

Creating Leadership Focused Teams

This one-day Advanced Leadership Development workshop is aimed at enhancing the ability of emerging leaders and team members to build strong teams that pursue excellence by building on the individual leadership qualities possessed by each team-member that, when combined with those leadership qualities of every other team member, will define the operational and inter-personal strength of their team.

Releasing The Greatness Of The Leader Within

This two-day Advanced Leader Development workshop is aimed at releasing the internal greatness of leaders at all levels to create outstanding, high-performing teams by being a highly self-aware and self-regulated leader who understands the influence that emotional intelligence has in developing themselves as leaders and the people they lead.

Your Free Special Offer: Presenting for Impact and Outcomes for Leaders

Register for four or more workshops by 31 May 2022 and you will receive a free 90-minute  “Presenting for Impact and Outcomes for Leaders” seminar  that aims to make your leader’s presentations something special.

Valued at $5,000, “Presenting for Impact and Outcomes for Leaders” goes beyond the basics of presenting and delivers on the key skills for influencing and adding impact in boardroom briefings, at conferences, in front of the media and to team or group meetings.

The seminar is delivered by Colin Emerson, who brings nearly 30 years of speaking and presentation experience to provide tips to make a leader’s presentations memorable…. and for the right reasons! Colin is a champion, having twice represented Australia at the World Championships of public speaking in 2009 and 2012.

Delivered for your team at your location, this seminar is for those leaders or emerging leaders who want to make an impact whenever they talk in front of a group of people. (Conditions apply)

See terms and conditions in The Fine Print below

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Act Quickly – Limited Dates Available

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Answers To Questions You May Have

Do You Require Foundation Road to Provide the Workshop Venue?
Foundation Road can organise a venue and any associated catering at cost, plus a $200 administration fee.

When Can The Workshops Be Delivered?
Generally, workshops are to be delivered between 01 February 2021 & 30 November 2022. Register for all three 2-day and all three 1-day workshops by 31 May 2022 and we’ll extend that delivery time-frame for all workshops until 30 April 2023 while keeping your investment at our special investment price.

Can You Register for More Than One Workshop?
Yes. You can register for any of the workshop combinations in Your Investment schedule before 30 June 2022 and we’ll organise to deliver them before 30 November 2022.

Are There Really Only Limited Dates Available?
Yes – Currently, many of our weekdays are already taken due to prior bookings – with several bookings still to be confirmed. This limits the number of two-day slots available between now and the end of 2022 – however, we will work with you to find suitable dates. Sorry. We take bookings on a first-come, first-right basis, so these remaining spots will go quickly.

Can We Run Your Workshop After 30 November 2022?
Yes. Simply contact us to discuss possible dates.  While the pricing may revert to our normal rate for workshops held after the 30 November 2022, we’ll maintain the offer to include up to 16 attendees (usually 10 attendees) at no extra cost for workshops held between then and 30 April 2023.

What Next?
The first step is to let us know which workshop/s you want to deliver. We can then discuss your preferred date options and have those dates saved for you.

What Is The Special Offer?
Register for four or more workshops by 31 May 2022 and you will receive a free 90-minute Presenting for Impact and Outcomes for Leaders seminar.

Can The Course Be Tailored To Your Organisational Needs?
Yes. By introducing specific, targeted in-class activities and examples, we will work with you to provide answers to the real needs of your organisation. For instance, we can take a “real-world” problem and use the workshop to work towards solving that problem – giving you a real, applied and tangible outcome for your workshop investment.

The Fine Print

Courses can be conducted Australia wide.

The quoted rates are inclusive of all Foundation Road costs related to the provision of these services within a State capital city or metropolitan area & includes Foundation Road’s workbooks, travel & accommodation.

At-cost expenses for Foundation Road travel & accommodation to regional centres, where required, are additional to the above rate & payable by the client.

Foundation Road is not liable for any client or client staff related venue, catering, travel, accommodation, support material or ancillary costs.

Foundation Road can provide venue and catering if required, payable by the client (see FAQs).

For areas outside of the Greater Sydney Metropolitan (GSM) region, the free Presenting for Impact and Outcomes for Leaders seminar to be conducted the day before or day after the planned workshop dates in State capital city or metropolitan areas and selected NSW regional areas. For locations outside of these nominated areas, the free seminar can be delivered at other dates for the at-cost expenses of any associated Foundation Road travel & accommodation, which will be payable by the client. Within the GSM, delivery can occur at an agreed date at no additional cost.

Broadcasting of the free Presenting for Impact and Outcomes for Leaders seminar via internal teleconferencing facilities is permitted. Foundation Road and/or its facilitators/authors retain full copyright and intellectual property in perpetuity for all Foundation Road and associate workshop/seminar materials.

All workshops must be secured in a single booking conducted at the same time for delivery, at a mutually agreed time, between 01 February 2022 and 30 November 2022 to receive the discounted rates.

Cancelled workshops from one discounted series registration will attract the equivalent discounted rate for the equivalent series of the remaining or delivered workshop numbers.

Minimum 25% deposit of full selected programme required at time of programme booking. Pro-rata invoicing at the completion of each workshop with the equivalent pro-rata deposit subtracted. Terms and conditions apply.

The stated workshop prices will remain valid for those workshops booked on, or prior to 31 May 2022.

Workshops must be delivered by 30 November 2022 – unless otherwise agreed to.