Results Based Decision Making for Leaders

This flagship two-day Leadership Development workshop aims to enhance the ability of leaders at all levels of an organisation to achieve outstanding outcomes by making the right decisions, at the right time and for the right reasons.

Designed for those organisations where it is important for their leaders to:

  • Stand out as people capable of thinking strategically while acting with purpose & confidence;
  • Apply critical analysis skills to their decision-making process, so that decisions are transparent, considered & aligned with the organisation’s overall strategic plan;
  • Analyse decision outcomes & operational situations, using a variety of processes & techniques, so as to recognise, understand & act upon the underlying issues & challenges;
  • Make decisions that focus on the success of your organisation; and
  • Deliver on-time, on-cost programs that meet or exceed stakeholder expectations.
By the end of this workshop attendees will:
  • Understand what decisive leadership is and why it matters in today’s organisational leadership;
  • Understand and apply the principles of effective decision making;
  • Develop their decision-making skills using different processes and methodologies;
  • Recognise automatic thinking reflexes vs deliberate thinking which affect decision making;
  • Be aware of unconscious bias and its influence on them and members of their team;
  • Identify the values they hold individually and those of the organisation they work for;
  • Understand how to apply a values driven approach across all aspects of their leadership;
  • Understand the impact those values play on decision making
  • Be able to apply and use critical thinking skills when analysing issues and potential solutions.

Making the Right Decisions at the Right Time for the Right Reason

What makes a great leader so effective? Two things: their values and their decisions. In this two-day workshop you will explore how your decision-making styles shape you as a leader. You will apply your current decision-making skills to real-life organisational scenarios while learning how to enhance those aspects that need strengthening through the applied learning opportunities in this workshop.