Releasing The Greatness Of The Leader Within

This two-day Advanced Leader Development workshop is aimed at releasing the internal greatness of leaders at all levels to create outstanding, high-performing teams by being a highly self-aware and self-regulated leader who understands the influence that emotional intelligence has in developing themselves as leaders and the people they lead.

Designed for those organisations where it is important for their leaders to:

  • Achieve the very best from their teams and themselves;
  • Create strong relationships and strong teams;
  • Be highly effective as a self-aware leader, one who is constantly striving to be better;
  • Be adaptable and self-regulated;
  • Be an influencer of change and progress; and
  • Lead with integrity, optimism, empathy, curiosity and passion.
By the end of this workshop attendees will:
  • Understand the impact of being self-aware on their role as a leader;
  • Understand the importance of helping others succeed while walking their own path of continuous self-improvement;
  • Demonstrate adaptability and self-regulation;
  • Act in a way that does not compromise their values;
  • Anticipate how people could react to situations and prepares for those reactions;
  • Demonstrate control of their actions, reactions and emotions and avoid making rushed or highly emotional decisions; and
  • Display a keen awareness of the emotions that drive peoples’ behaviour and the impact those emotions – good or not so good – have on people, especially when under pressure to deliver results.

Great Leaders Are Continuously Growing

Great leaders recognise the importance of understanding their own capacity to lead others - they are reflective and in-touch with their own ability to work well with others, to manage stress and to make the best decisions in even the most difficult of situations. They are able to distinguish between what is emotional information and what is fact, in order to give the right guidance to their thinking and leadership.