Presenting for Impact and Outcomes for Leaders

Presenting for Impact and Outcomes for Leaders goes beyond the basics of presenting and delivers on the key skills for influencing and adding impact in boardroom briefings, at conferences, in front of the media and to team or group meetings.

This program can be delivered in two individual programs.

The first part of the program is a stand-alone 90 minute seminar, delivered by Colin Emerson, who brings nearly 30 years of speaking and presentation experience to provide tips to make a leader’s presentations memorable…. and for the right reasons!

Colin is a champion speaker, having twice represented Australia at the World Championships of Public Speaking in 2009 and 2012.

This seminar is for those leaders or emerging leaders who want to make an impact whenever they talk in front of a group of people. 

The second component is a longer-term specialised speaker coaching program that is tailored to improve the presentation skills of individual leaders. Coaching will provide constant feedback on all aspects of a presentation in order to give confidence and a positive approach to any key speech or presentation.

By the end of the 90-minute seminar, your team will have understanding of:

  • how to prepare a presentation that is tailored to a specific audience and a specific need;
  • how to present with impact;
  • how to prepare a presentation that will inform and influence;
  • how to deliver a powerful presentation with confidence and conviction;
  • The importance of preparing for and respond to questions;
  • How to use different media to great effect; and
  • How to work a room and an audience for greatest impact.

The coaching program will support your leaders through their practical development of these key-elements of outstanding presentations for any occasion.

Leaders Inspire With Integrity

A Values Inspired Leader is one who looks at the values that guide their leadership decisions. They incorporate those values into every aspect of their business and look for those values and build them in the people they employ. They take the Vision of an organisation to heart, deliver a Mission based on results and underpin them both with Values that are based on integrity. The Values Inspired Leader knows it is what they do and how they do it that will earn them the real respect of their team.