What’s The One Problem Making CEOs Lose Sleep That HR Managers Could Solve?

According to a survey of over 11,000 C-Suite executives globally, in 2018, the number one concern of Chief Executive Officers is the failure to attract and retain top talent 

(The Conference Board CEO Challenge 2018).


Over 80% of CEOs say they are worried about the increasing hardship over recent years in attracting and keeping an engaged, knowledgeable and skilled leadership team and workforce - both for now and the future.

(CEO Challenge 2016, 2017 & 2018; HR’s biggest challenges revealed, 2016, Asia-Pacific HR Report; & Global Leadership Forecast 2018)

Solve that problem and HR will go a long way to helping the CEO sleep a lot better at night. 

And at Foundation Road, we believe we have the strategic leader and leadership development programs that will help make that happen. And we could start to make it happen for you as early as this month. 

Is This The “Elephant In The Room” Question CEOs Really Need Their HR Management To Answer?

CEOs and Chief Human Resource Officers internationally all agree on one thing, that the need to develop their leaders and workforce is an imperative. Over 2,500 HR professionals said that “identifying and developing future talent is the most critical skill leaders will need in three years”

(Global Leadership Forecast 2018)


In contrast, that same survey revealed that only 41 percent of C-Suite leaders believed that their organization’s leadership development program to be of high or very high quality.

That’s 59% who don’t even think they are of a high quality. 59%!!!

Which raises an important question….. when evaluating leader and leadership development programs, is HR and the professional development (PD) team choosing the right programs with the right focus on what CEOs see as their number one need?

What Lies Behind The Traits CEOs Want In Their Leader Of The Future?

Return On Investment. C-Suite leaders love the term. “What increase in dollar value can be gained on every dollar invested?” is what they want to know. But equally important as gaining money on an investment is how much can be saved through an investment.

Few C-Suite executives understand the difference HR can make to the bottom line profit of an organisation. however I have yet to meet a chief financial officer who’d reject a quarter of a million-dollar boost in profit gained from those HR programs that attract & retain good people

Helping achieve real value for money is key to our extra-special 50% savings offer to you for any of our strategic focused professional development workshops delivered to your team between April and September 2019.

We’ll even reward you if all you want to do right now is just talk and choose later, even if you’re looking for workshops delivered as late as April next year.

And Foundation Road’s programs have an added value – they may just answer the one question that CEOs aren’t getting the right answer to.

Could This Be The One Reason Why 59% Of C-Suite Leaders Don’t Believe In What HR Are Delivering?

As to the qualities most needed in their leaders, CEOs rated their top five required leader traits as:

  1.   strategic thinkers;
  2.   highly adaptable;
  3.   entrepreneurial;
  4.   inspiring and engaging; and
  5.   emotionally intelligent.

On this though, CHROs were somewhat at odds with their CEOs, rating those same required leader traits differently with  inspiring and engaging at (1), highly adaptable (2), emotionally intelligent (3), strategic thinkers (4) and entrepreneurial (7).

So, while CHROs are focused on developing leaders who are inspiring, engaging and emotionally intelligent, CEOs want strategic thinkers who are entrepreneurial

Could being more focused on what CEOs say they want in the way of developing leader qualities dramatically change the way that 59% of C-Suite leaders think negatively about HR’s leadership development programs?

Four years ago, Foundation Road recognised the emergence of this need to develop strategically thinking, highly adaptable, entrepreneurial and inspiring leaders who rate high in emotional intelligence, which is exactly why we developed, and are continuing to develop, the suite of strategically focused leader and leadership programs that they now offer to corporate Australia.

How Can HR Have A Greater Strategic Impact That Creates Real Value While Delivering A Significant ROI?

When HR has a reputation for excellence, for being future focused and strategic in their approach, then the entire C-Suite will embrace them as leaders amongst leaders.

HR professionals understand the important role they play and that when done with the purpose of increasing the profitability of the company, improving the skills, abilities and career prospects of their staff and improving the leadership qualities at every level it is extremely rewarding for you and everyone you interact with.

Achieving a corporate culture that is aligned to the strategic success of the organisation is not necessarily an easy task, but it is a task that every HR & PD professional is now aware that they play an integral part in leading.

Understanding the needs of the business as a whole and having a basic commercial awareness is critical if HR is to be perceived as giving true value for money, especially if they can demonstrate a direct nexus to their organisation’s outcomes by linking employee effort and knowledge directly to the organisational strategy.

Foundation Road’s mission, by collaborating with you, is to produce and deliver the highest quality, cost effective and significantly relevant leader, leadership, business and individual development programs that are tailored specifically to making a real long-term strategic impact to your organisation.

Which is why, for a short time only, we have a very special offer that will help you kick-start your 2019 leadership development program.

And in doing so, we also want to help you solve some of the other Big 5 challenges facing HR.

What Are The Big Five Challenges Facing HR And How Can Foundation Road Help You Solve Them?

A survey of more than 3,000 HR professionals by HRD Magazine (HR’s biggest challenges revealed, 2016, Asia-Pacific HR Report) showed that the five biggest challenges facing HR are:

  1. Managing change;
  2. Employee engagement & retention;
  3. Demonstrating value as a business partner;
  4. Building internal credibility and influence;
  5. Employee development.

While HR is extremely in tune with managing change or employee engagement as well as development and retention, it is often the two areas of demonstrating value and building credibility and influence as a strategic c-suite partner that causes hr management to have their own sleepless nights, so to speak.

Can you imagine why any HR professional would make a (real) comment like this in a discussion group, “I feel the (reason the) HR function does not compare to (HR in) other countries is due to the attitudes of senior management (CEO’s board of directors, etc) as they feel that the HR function doesn’t add to the bottom line. We spend most of our time justifying why we exist”?

The most frustrating thing I found in my 20 years as a professional development manager were those executives and senior managers who treated the HR professionals differently to the other strategic partners in the business, even when the HR team had the necessary business and leadership skills and were trying to make a difference by dealing with the real, often intangible issues facing the organisation.

Foundation Road want to help those leaders who care about the development of their organisation’s people to demonstrate real value by showing a significant return on investment (ROI) and to build both credibility and influence as members of the C-Suite team by providing leader and leadership development workshops that are strategic, targeted and excellent.

Here’s Why Our Offer Should Bring A Smile To Your Executive Team.

Keeping corporate learning and development as a top priority in an organization is, in itself, challenging.

Generally, it is the task of senior executive to determine which PD activities are worth funding. it is paramount then for HR professionals to demonstrate bottom-line value in order to get buy-in from those leaders


Foundation Road’s aim is to make the greatest difference to the greatest number of people in the time available and in a manner that represents our core values of respect, integrity, trust, honesty, tolerance, dignity and philanthropy. It is to enhance the HR & PD manager’s reputation as a valuable strategic partner who seeks new ways to solve old problems, who is an enabler who make others better and who is a value creator who helps all stakeholders to be successful.

Even Better, How About An ROI That’s Sticky Enough To Keep Giving A Return For Years To Come?

Often training programs fall short of being relevant, practical, interesting and useful—qualities that should be mandatory.

Remember that 59% who thought that leadership programs were less than effective? Well, that’s easy to solve. Foundation Road work to make our programs relevant by discovering exactly what the issues that your organisation face and tailoring our workshops around those issues.

Discovering the “stickiness” of a training program is challenging at best, but L&D professionals must find and implement effective ways to ensure skills and new knowledge gained are applied in the real work environment if those programs are to be effective


We believe that the skills and knowledge gained in our workshops are essential to the job currently performed — as well as in the next two to three years. We want to make what we do memorable, for the right reasons, and practical to everyday work life.

What HR Understand That CFO’s Don’t When It Comes To ROI

Because HR understand that the intangibles contribute to the bottom line success of an organisation just as much, if not more so, than the income earned on a dollar spent. They just have to convince the other C-Suite leaders of that importance.

While most CFOs and accountant types measure ROI purely in terms of a dollar amount return on a dollar spent, the truth is that measuring the work of any HR development activity often means looking at the ROI of the intangibles that HR knows make a difference, but others may not

HR understand that it costs around $35,000 to $60,000+ to replace one employee, taking into account the cost of hiring, training, loss of productivity and overtime etc.). So, if a development program increases staff retention by, say, 42% then that program could save the organisation a quarter of a million dollars or more, but would never know it because the people stayed and never left.

Why do we say 42%?

The 2016 Deloitte report on Millennial Culture shows that Millennials want the “ability to learn and progress” and that 42% “are likely to leave because they are not learning fast enough”. Solve that problem and you will make a significant difference to your organisation’s bottom-line profit. Now that alone would have to be reputationally significant to any HR management team.

(Christie Smith and Stephanie Turner, The Millennial majority is transforming your culture, Deloitte, 2016, pp. 1–15)

Here's One ROI Where Real Life Experience Counts For You

It has been said that real life experience trumps fancy diplomas. We’ve sat through too many mind-numbing, irrelevant or useless workshops ourselves, which is why we ensure our facilitators and coaches bring both qualifications and real-life experiences to each workshop and are focused on delivery excellence.

Foundation Road believe that training should be interesting, enriching people’s career, energising those who attend and, ideally, making them more loyal to the company


That is one ROI any HR professional would welcome – especially when you can show significant savings on your investment in a leadership development program.

And that saving is where Foundation Road’s special offer comes into play – if you believe that a 50% saving on your investment in your leadership development program is significant.

That’s right! We’re offering your organisation a 50% saving on our normal workshop pricing for programs booked by 31 May for delivery between April and 30 September 2019.

Here’s Why Your CEO Wants HR To Succeed

Great leaders want to work for great companies. Great companies care . . . they care about their team members, about the communities in which they do business and in making a meaningful difference.

To be successful in today’s business world, organisations need multifaceted leaders who can act on a broad vision, introduce change, engage the workforce, and sustain competitive advantage through effective leadership practices


And with the work environment becoming more complex, diverse, and demanding, it is crucial for an organisation to develop its leaders at every level—from the front lines to the CEO—to support its success.


By helping people find meaning in what they do, by giving them the skills and knowledge to grow in their job and, through that, having them feel that they have an impact, they will create a long-term connection with the company and customers. this leads to a happy employee, a happy organization, and a happy customer. and isn’t that the definition of success?

Those ambitions, those aims are just as important to Foundation Road whenever we work with an organisation like yours as they are to you. We work with you to create real value and a significant return on your investment in your people’s futures.

We bring relevance, experience, knowledge and a caring for excellence to every program. And right now, as we head towards the end of one year and the beginning of another, we offer you a significant saving on our programs. I guess you can call it our present to you.

Want More Than A 50% Saving?

Normally, Foundation Road’s pricing is based on a minimum of 10 attendees with an additional, but smaller, per head cost for any attendee over that minimum of 10, up to a maximum of 16 attendees.

But, for programs booked to be delivered before 30 September 2019,Foundation Road will waive that additional fee.

That means you will:

  1. Save 50% off our standard workshop pricing; and
  2. Have up to 16 people attend the workshop for the price of 10.

There is one catch, you have to book your workshops prior to 31 May 2019 to qualify for this special offer. That means you can book your workshops now and deliver them on your premises between now and 30 September 2019.

How Do You Make This Offer A Reality And Let Your CEO Sleep Easier?

Just follow this link to let Foundation Road know that you are interested in:

  • Saving 50% off our standard workshop pricing; and
  • Having up to 16 people attend the workshop for the price of 10; and
  • Delivering your leader and leadership development workshops on your premises before 30 September 2019.

People who know that their organization cares about their personal success enough to offer ongoing employee learning and growth opportunities are more likely to improve their own performance, increase productivity, and work to drive the organization towards its strategic goals

Which is why so many high-potential employees will leave an organization that lacks a strong commitment to employee training and professional-development opportunities. This attrition, and the cost of replacing lost workers, eats at the bottom line of organizations that are unwilling or unable to support the development of their employees.

The task of the human resource manager is not only getting quality employees but keeping them. to do this, organizations have to create workplaces where employees want to be, instead of places they have to be

One Last Thing......

Need more time or want to deliver your programs after September 2019? No worries – we still have a special offer for you here as well?

While we can’t hold this special 50% discount offer price beyond 31 May 2019, we will waive the fee for up to six additional attendees above the 10 included in our standard fee, provided that you book your 2019 programs by 31 May 2019 for delivery before 31 December 2019.

Don’t miss out. These dates will come – and go – quicker than Santa on Christmas night.

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