Creating Leadership Focused Teams

This one-day Advanced Leadership Development workshop is aimed at enhancing the ability of emerging leaders and team members to build strong teams that pursue excellence by building on the individual leadership qualities possessed by each team-member that, when combined with those leadership qualities of every other team member, will define the operational and inter-personal strength of their team.

Designed for those organisations where it is important for their leaders to:

  • Lead and manage teams that achieve outstanding results;
  • Create a working environment that is positive, supportive and encouraging;
  • Build and maintain strong outcome and value-focused teams;
  • Understand the dynamics and positive nature of diversity within a team environment;
  • Create future leaders; and
  • Deliver on best-practice interpersonal and operational practices.

By the end of this workshop attendees will:

  • Understand the importance of values within a team environment;
  • Understand the dynamics of building a team;
  • Identify the drivers of leadership within and across teams;
  • Understand how to identify and develop individual leadership capabilities within a team;
  • Understand the inhibitors to creating a strong leadership team;
  • Understand how to encourage innovation and a service-excellence focus within a team;
  • Understand and identify individual and inter-team characteristics and traits; and
  • Understand how to manage inter-personal relationships and communications.

Leadership Is A Team Pursuit

Leadership goes beyond the vision, the skills and the guidance of a single designated leader. In effect, leadership is built in teams where every single person takes a leadership role in the pursuit of excellence in everything they do – as an individual, within a team and across departments. Leadership encourages and builds teams that are purpose-driven, innovative, knowledgeable and skilled, and who build strong internal and external relationships by focusing on service and outcome excellence.