Have We Gone Nuts About Leadership?

This is a call-out to all HR and Professional Development specialists for your help on the question: “Is there a greater emphasis within your organisation or across your industry on Leader and Leadership Development?”

My reason for asking is simple, anecdotally, I am witnessing a tripling of demand for leader development programs over the same period 12 months ago, and I have never been so busy as I am currently, and I am wondering, is it just me, or, is there a real demand out there that practitioners need to be aware of?

And if there is, what’s driving it? For instance, has the banking Royal Commission made people more aware of the need for strengthening the ability of leaders to lead? Are there other drivers – or is this just normal and nothing special and I’m just busy?

For example, up until the week before Christmas I was averaging 2 – 3 one day plus 4 evening leader/leadership workshops each week and am even booked for 2 to 3 workshops every week until the end of 2020.

Now, either the market demand for improving our leader’s ability on the job is changing or could it be that individual people are preparing themselves for upcoming leader roles or, is it that word is getting out there that I’m really good?

Now, ego would say it is the latter, but truth is that I believe that there is a growing demand – and it’s a demand that is focused on not just the traditional skills of leadership, but more so on the skills of the individual leader….. about the person who is the leader, as well as the job of leading.

But I may be wrong, which is why I would love to hear your ideas.

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